Medicine: Nine-year-olds completely symptom-free thanks to new HIV treatment

Medicine: Nine-year-olds completely symptom-free thanks to new HIV treatment

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9-year-old girl: Child born with HIV without signs of illness
At the international AIDS conference in Paris on Monday, scientists reported on a little girl who was born with the HIV virus and who - almost nine years after the end of HIV treatment - no longer shows any signs of illness.

Girl born with HI virus "practically healed"
A girl from South Africa born with the HI virus has not shown any signs of illness for almost nine years, although she has stopped taking medication in the first few months of her life. Experts reported this at the international AIDS conference in Paris. The child is considered "practically cured" of HIV, writes the "BBC".

Third case of long-term remission
According to the information, it is only the third case of long-term remission - the absence of symptoms - in children.

According to the BBC, the girl became infected with her mother around the time of birth in 2007. Both had very high levels of HIV in the blood.

Early antiretroviral therapy was not a standard at the time, but was administered to the child from nine weeks on as part of a clinical trial.

The treatment meant that the virus was no longer detectable. Therapy was stopped after 40 weeks - and the virus has not returned.

Save lifelong therapy
Anthony Fauci, initiator of the study, said in a statement that the case raised hope "that we can save HIV-infected children from the burden of lifelong therapy."

However, a setback is possible at any time. However, he hoped for a permanent “functional” HIV cure for the girl.

The virus would be so weakened in the body that it can no longer reproduce and the child remains symptom-free.

"We do not believe that antiretroviral therapy alone can lead to remission," says study co-author Dr. Avy Violari according to "BBC".

"We don't really know what the reason is that this child has achieved remission - we believe that it is either genetic or immune-related."

"Mississippi girl" infected again by the virus
However, the results should not lead to great euphoria. Even years ago, the case of a supposedly healthy HIV-infected child in the United States caused a sensation.

The child of an HIV-infected mother had become known as the "Mississippi girl". It was cured after several months without medication treatment until it was infected by the virus again in 2014.

The girl has since been given medication again. At the time, experts spoke of great disappointment for the child, the family, the doctors and all AIDS research.

In 2015, the case of an 18-year-old HIV-infected woman from France was reported, who has been without therapy and without symptoms for years. According to media reports, it is still today.

Successful research
The immune deficiency disease is currently considered to be incurable, but in the future it could also be possible to cure AIDS, my experts.

Just a few weeks ago, US scientists reported that they had an important breakthrough in the treatment of HIV.

In experiments, they were able to separate the virus from infected cells using the latest genetic editing technology.

And research has also made great strides in prevention. So it was possible to develop a drug that could massively reduce the number of new HIV infections in men. The means to protect against AIDS will also be approved in the EU in the future. (ad)

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