Studies: Do statins protect women from breast cancer?

Studies: Do statins protect women from breast cancer?

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Can high cholesterol protect women from death from breast cancer?
In a recent study, the scientists found that diagnosing high cholesterol in women is associated with a significantly lower rate of breast cancer and improved life expectancy.

The researchers at Aston University found in their investigation that elevated cholesterol levels in women lead to a reduced risk of developing breast cancer. The doctors released a press release on the results of their study.

Do statins lead to the protective effect against breast cancer?
We previously found an association between high cholesterol and breast cancer development, the current study should investigate this relationship, the authors say. Patients with high cholesterol have a lower risk of developing breast cancer and subsequent mortality. The results are proof of the protective effect of statins, the experts add.

Doctors examine women over 40 years of age without high cholesterol
The current study looked at women aged 40 years or older. The participants had no previous diagnosis of high cholesterol. The doctors examined the development of breast cancer and the subsequent mortality. Analyzes were carried out to also adapt the demographic and clinical characteristics between the participants.

High cholesterol can reduce the risk of breast cancer by up to 45 percent
Out of a total of 1,220,024 patients, 16,043 women had high cholesterol at the age of forty years or older. The data from these women were compared to an equivalent and age-matched group of patients without high cholesterol, the researchers explain. Doctors found that women with high cholesterol had a 45 percent reduced risk of developing breast cancer compared to women without high cholesterol.

Effects of high cholesterol on breast cancer risk
After adjusting to various factors that could affect mortality, including age, gender, and ethnicity, the experts found that patients developed 45 percent less breast cancer when they had high cholesterol. In addition, the risk of death from higher breast cancer cholesterol was reduced by 40 percent, the study authors explain. If a diagnosis of high cholesterol leads to lower breast cancer rates, this could be due to treatment with widely used cholesterol-lowering drugs (statins), explains author Dr Rahul Potluri.

Statins protect against breast cancer
Our research confirms that women diagnosed with high cholesterol have a markedly lower rate of breast cancer, explains author Dr. Paul Carter. In previous animal studies, statins reduced the risk of breast cancer, which suggests that statins produce this protective effect in breast cancer, the expert adds. "The results of this investigation provide the strongest justification for a clinical study to evaluate the protective effects of statins in patients with breast cancer," explains Dr. Carter continues.

Which people should take statins?
Breast cancer patients with high cholesterol, people at high risk for cardiovascular disease, and those with established cardiovascular disease should receive statins according to current guidelines, the experts say. (as)

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