Right? Can coffee consumption lead to obesity?

Right? Can coffee consumption lead to obesity?

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Caffeinated coffee affects the perception of sweetness
Many people like to drink coffee. Some people only drink coffee in the morning to get awake and fit, but most people drink several cups of coffee a day. Researchers have now found that consuming caffeinated coffee on the palate leads to a misjudgment of the perceived sweetness. For example, coffee drinkers find sweet drinks and dishes less sweet. This could lead to weight gain due to the unconscious intake of sweet and very sugary foods.

In their research, Cornell University researchers found that drinking caffeinated coffee appears to lead to misperceptions about sweetness in beverages and foods. The doctors published the results of their study in the journal "Journal of Food Science".

Caffeinated coffee confuses our palates
In the UK alone, people consume around 55 million cups of coffee a day. Most consumers not only drink one cup a day, but several at a time. However, the consumption of caffeinated coffee seems to have a decisive disadvantage: It influences how our taste buds perceive sweetness.

Doctors examined almost 200 subjects
For their study, the scientists examined 197 people in two different experiments. At the first examination, participants drank decaffeinated coffee with the addition of 200 mg of caffeine (this amount is contained in a cup of strong coffee). In the second examination, the subjects drank pure decaffeinated coffee. After the two tests, the researchers asked the participants to evaluate the taste of the coffee along with other sugary liquids.

Caffeinated coffee changes the taste perception
The scientists found that caffeine users rated the sugary liquids as less sweet. The results of the study show that the consumption of coffee changes the taste perception, explains author Robin Dando from Cornell University. So if you eat a meal right after drinking caffeinated coffee or other caffeinated beverages, you will likely experience a different taste of the food, the expert adds.

Misjudgment of sweetness in food can lead to weight problems
The caffeine reduces your ability to taste sweetness in foods. Misperception of sugar can make you eat more sweet things. The consumption of these sweet foods can then lead to weight gain, the scientists explain. The caffeine adheres to the so-called adenosine receptors in the body. The activation of these receptors usually keeps us awake.

Try to drink only one coffee a day
If you can't live without your daily coffee, just try to have a cup. Drink the coffee at best at a time when you don't normally eat sweet foods or drinks, the experts advise. (as)

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