Male baldness perceived as a sign of success and dominance

Male baldness perceived as a sign of success and dominance

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How do our fellow men rate bald men?
Hair loss is a widespread problem, especially in men. Many men lose their hair completely in the course of their life or the hair becomes thinner over time until those affected are forced to shave off the rest of the hair. If you have similar problems with your hair, now there is good news for you: bald men are seen as more confident, dominant, and successful.

In their current study, the scientists found that most people perceive bald men as more successful and more dominant. reports the University of Pennsylvania in a communication on the results of the so-called Shorn Scalps and Perception of Male Dominance study.

Participants rate pictures of men with and without hair
During the investigation, the researchers created three different tests for female and male students. The experts were asked to rate pictures of different men for their attractiveness, trustworthiness and dominance. Some of the pictures showed the same man twice, where he was shown in a picture with full hair, in the other picture the man was bald.

Bald men were considered to be more dominant
The participants rated the bald men as more dominant and generally more confident. The doctors were also able to determine that the participants rated men without hair on average by almost one centimeter taller and also somewhat more strongly. Since only the men's hair was changed, other factors for the different images could not be taken into account.

Men without hair were rated lower in attractiveness
In terms of their attractiveness, the bald men did not do so well. The subjects rated the attractiveness lower in men with a bald head compared to their pictures with full hair, the authors of the study explain.

Are bald men more successful in negotiations?
One reason for the poor performance is that a shaved or hairless head is atypical or unusual. The researchers explain that attractiveness correlates with what is prototypical or average. So shaving or removing hair seems to have a complex impact on how men are perceived by those around them. Given the results of the study, the scientists suspect that bald men may be more economical or successful in negotiations because of their more dominant appearance. Apart from the dwindling attractiveness, the remaining results found are good news for bald people.

Hair loss is common in men
About 85 percent of all men have significantly thinner hair at the age of 50. When men lose their hair completely, this process usually starts relatively early. In about 25 percent of men with baldness, hair loss begins at the age of 21, the doctors say.

Bald-headed men are generally considered older
However, there is still bad news for all bald people. In their investigation, the doctors found that balding in men leads to a misjudgment of the age of those affected. Bald men are estimated to be on average four years older than men with hair on their heads, the scientists say.

Expert advice: If the hair gets thinner, just shave off
When your hair starts to get thinner, the study researchers have a suggestion for you: just shave off all of your hair. Instead of trying to reverse the hair loss that occurs like millions of men, you should simply shave off the rest of the hair. In this way, those affected could improve their well-being by ending what Mother Nature has already started. A shaved head in men shows that they have actively made a decision and stand by their baldness, according to the researchers. (as)

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