Salmonella germs: recall campaign for organic cream cheese started

Salmonella germs: recall campaign for organic cream cheese started

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Manufacturer recalls organic cream cheese because of the risk of salmonella

Hof-Butendiek Vertriebs GmbH from Stadland in Lower Saxony has started a recall for its “Sultans Joy” cream cheese due to salmonella. These bacteria can cause diarrhea and other health problems.

Salmonella infestation with black cumin

Hof Butendiek GmbH from Stadland (Lower Saxony) calls back due to salmonella infestation in black cumin, the organic cream cheese Sultans Joy with dates and without dates with the best before dates until November 17, 2017. According to the company, the Salmonella infestation was caused by the added ingredient black cumin. The consumption of affected products could lead to health problems.

"Sultan's Joy" with and without dates

As the Federal Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety reports on its portal "", the following packaging units are affected by the recall:

Retail packs: Sultan's delight with dates 150 g; Sultan's delight without dates 150 g; as loose goods for delivery to service counters: Sultan's delight with dates 1.1 kg; Sultan's delight with dates 3 kg.

"The affected, still existing goods must be disposed of or returned. A warning message for the consumer is necessary, ”the company wrote in a message.

Bacteria cause gastrointestinal infections

Salmonella cause unpleasant gastrointestinal infections (salmonellosis). The disease occurs a few hours to days after eating infected foods and is mainly manifested by sudden onset diarrhea, abdominal pain, malaise and headache.

Sometimes there is vomiting and a slight fever. In rare cases, pain during bowel movements as well as mucus or blood in the stool are possible.

"People who develop severe or persistent symptoms after eating should seek medical advice," says Hof Butendiek GmbH. (ad)

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