Meadow mushroom: the mushroom of 2018

Meadow mushroom: the mushroom of 2018

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Mushroom of the year 2018: the meadow mushroom

The meadow mushroom has become rare. Because the wild relative of cultivated mushrooms has already lost many habitats due to more intensive use of grassland, explains the German Society for Mycology. For this reason, too, it was named "Mushroom of the Year 2018". The scientists would also like to point out the important importance of fungi for our ecosystems.

Germany is home to over 60 types of mushrooms, including the meadow mushroom (Agaricus campestris) counts. The popular edible mushroom is also called Feldegerling. It thrives on natural pastures and meadows and feeds on dead plant material. The fruiting bodies appear between July and October and can often sprout by the hundreds in dry summers after a heavy rainfall. The mushrooms are in large groups, in rows or in witch rings. When ripe, the lamellae change color from pink to chocolate brown due to the spores. Anyone who searches in the forest must know their way around. The meadow mushrooms can be mixed with the poisonous carbol mushroom (Agaricus xanthodermus) can be confused. Caution is advised when there is an unpleasant smell of ink and an intense gel coloring on the lower stem. The toadstool can be easily recognized by these characteristics.

While the meadow mushroom used to appear in large numbers, today it is difficult, according to the Society for Mycology. Because natural meadows would be used to produce energy crops and nutrient-poor soils would be designated as building land. Another problem is when meadows are excessively fertilized with manure. This will unbalance the natural nitrogen cycle in the soil. The result is that natural communities of algae, bacteria, plants, fungi and animals are lost. Heike Kreutz, respectively

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