Vitamin D pills for better healing in case of burns

Vitamin D pills for better healing in case of burns

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Improved healing of burns with vitamin D.

Although treatment for burns has improved significantly over the past decade, many patients are still at risk of poorly healing their burns. A study by British researchers has now shown that vitamin D can improve the healing of burn injuries.

Vitamin D is not only important for bones and muscles

According to a study published in the summer, vitamin D supply in Germany is poor. Even though it is known that a lack of the vitamin that is so important for the bones and muscles can have serious consequences for the human body. According to scientists, vitamin D supplements could even help prevent countless dangerous infections and deaths. British researchers are now reporting that the important vitamin can also help improve the healing of burns.

Improve the healing of burns

For mild burns, home remedies such as aloe vera or cooling ointments can often help. With serious fire injuries you don't get very far.

The use of vitamin D can be useful here. Because: "Patients with severe burns who have a higher vitamin D level recover better than patients with lower values", reports the specialist magazine "Eurek Alert!".

Scientists from the University of Birmingham found this out. Her study suggests that vitamin D supplementation can be a simple and cost-effective treatment to improve burn healing.

Dangerous consequences of burns

Patients with severe burns have a high risk of infection, which can lead to life-threatening sepsis (blood poisoning).

According to the report, vitamin D is known to have antibacterial effects that fight infections and can thus support wound healing in burn patients.

To investigate the role of vitamin D in the recovery from burn injuries, Professor Janet Lord and Dr. Khaled Al-Tarrah of the University of Birmingham reported recovery progress in patients with severe burns over a year.

The wound healing of the test subjects was related to the vitamin D content in their blood.

Lower vitamin D levels in burn victims

The researchers found that patients with higher vitamin D levels had a better prognosis, with improved wound healing, fewer complications, and less scarring.

The data also showed that burn patients tend to have lower vitamin D levels.

The results suggest that vitamin D supplementation may bring health benefits to the patient immediately after a burn, including improved antimicrobial activity to prevent infection and improve wound healing.

Simple and inexpensive measure for better wound healing

"A severe burn injury significantly reduces vitamin D levels, and taking this vitamin can be a simple, safe, and inexpensive way to improve treatment outcomes in burn patients," said Prof. Lord.

The effectiveness of a vitamin D supplement to improve the results in burn patients would need to be checked in clinical studies.

The Birmingham researchers are now focused on finding out why patients experience rapid vitamin D loss immediately after a burn and hope they can prevent it in the future. (ad)

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