Red cabbage can also be eaten raw and is very healthy

Red cabbage can also be eaten raw and is very healthy

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Red cabbage as raw food: Superfood from local cultivation
Soft-boiled red cabbage as a side dish for hearty roasts and dumplings - that is justified. It's just a shame that this image somewhat obscures the fact that healthy winter vegetables can do much more. After all, not least thanks to the veggie wave, raw food dishes are becoming more and more popular. The basic salad is ready with salt and pepper, vinegar and oil. It is always varied with fruit and nuts.

In the kitchen, the fresh cabbage with a weight of up to two kilograms at first seems rather unwieldy. He doesn't really do much work. Washing is not necessary, it is enough to remove the outer leaves. A large serrated knife is best for shredding. And once the head is cut in half, it lies firmly on the cut surface and can be cut or planed into fine strips of any size. It is even faster with the food processor.

The red and blue juice leaves unwanted traces when working in the kitchen. It is therefore best to use an older board and maybe rubber gloves. In the subsequent cleaning, lemon juice is a proven helper. Eva Neumann, or

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