Fibromyalgia: Chinese medicines help, needles don't

Fibromyalgia: Chinese medicines help, needles don't

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Chinese medicine sees the cause in faulty infection courses
Fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS) is often the cause of excruciating pain in the muscles and joints and patients report persistent colds and fever.

Most of those affected are middle-aged women. Although the clinical picture is common, there are many puzzles. For example, fibromyalgia shows no change in the x-ray or in the blood. Quite a few school doctors often pass fibromyalgia patients on to psychiatrists due to the lack of diagnostic options and the lack of success in treatment, and classify the causes as “psychosomatic”. Chinese medicine, on the other hand, does not rule out mental illness factors, but sees fibromyalgia primarily as a physical disorder.

Chinese medicine sees the main cause of fibromyalgia (FMS) in the stuck infection, i.e. in an immune regulation disorder. "Fibromyalgia usually begins with uncured infections," explains the chief physician of the TCM clinic at the Steigerwald, Dr. med. Christian Schmincke. "From the perspective of Chinese medicine, people need teething problems, respiratory infections with cough, runny nose, hoarseness at regular intervals as immune training and as 'cleaning up' the mucous membranes and body tissues.

In FMS patients, immune defense behavior is disturbed. Measured by the standard course of infections, fibromyalgia sufferers experience a feeling of cold, but the cold process remains stuck in its course, it does not progress to the subsequent phases with fever, mucus discharge and regeneration. The organism is therefore in the state of permanent immunological activation. He is forced to exhaust himself repeatedly in the unsuccessful defense. That takes strength. Since there is no discharge of the flammable substances, the flammable contaminants accumulate, bound to the tissue. This is the cause of fatigue, pain and other symptoms.

Chinese therapy also results from this explanatory model. The predominantly herbal components in medicinal therapy make it possible, on the one hand, to treat acute symptoms and, on the other hand, to reverse the faulty immune regulation. "In some fibromyalgia patients, the alternative therapy leads to bronchitis, otitis media or bladder infection suddenly recurring after years," says Dr. Schmincke the effects.

This catch-up of the old infections is controlled with the help of Chinese recipes so that the cold no longer goes inside, but is led out of the body, for example via mucous membranes. The most well-known pillar of therapy in Chinese medicine, acupuncture, is not always possible with fibromyalgia. Patients often suffer from massive sensitivity to touch and the gentle insertion of a thin needle causes pain. However, Chinese medicine therapy complements the diet according to the principles of Chinese medicine well. This is about promoting detoxification with food that relieves stress. Cold-looking foods such as curd and raw food should be avoided.

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