Eye twitching: these are the causes and therapies

Eye twitching: these are the causes and therapies

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Usually harmless but annoying: eyelid twitching
If the eye twitches, something is wrong. Is it harmless or can there be serious illnesses behind it? We give answers.

Shrugging eyes mostly harmless
Ina S. (42) went to the doctor immediately when the twitching of her eyes appeared practically from nowhere. "I was afraid that there was a bad illness behind it". The doctor could calm her down. He recommended adequate sleep and stress relief. Eyelid twitching is very annoying, but in most cases completely harmless. A reason for further treatment and diagnosis is only if there are other symptoms besides fasciculating. This is the case, for example, if symptoms of paralysis, spasticity or sudden dizziness are noticed.

Further action is only required if further symptoms appear
If these symptoms occur, those affected should see a doctor as soon as possible, as neurologist Prof. Gereon Nelles, board member of the professional association of German neurologists, advises. If there are no other complaints, the “eye twitching is not an expression of a disease of the muscles or nerves. "It often occurs when there is stress, a particular stress or fatigue," confirms Nelles.

However, the phenomenon cannot be fully explained. From the point of view of the neurologist, there is no single cure for getting rid of the twitching of the eyes. "This cannot be influenced with medication, for example." Patients should not be discouraged. Fasciculating is usually as quick as it came. Relaxation exercises such as yoga or autogenic training could already help some of those affected.

The reasons are still unexplored
Cognitively, those affected should be aware that there are such twitches all over the body, which are usually noticed much less often. "Why the twitching occurs frequently in the eye of all people has not been investigated." of the eyelid. The eye muscle is relatively large and the eyelid, on the other hand, is rather small. So the lid offers little resistance to the muscle. "Therefore, twitching on the strong thigh muscle does not appear so quickly."

Help from naturopathy
In the field of naturopathy, passion flowers, hops and valerian have proven themselves to reduce inner restlessness and stress. Agaricus Muscarius and Kalium phosphoricum from the field of homeopathy could also serve some patients well. If there is a mineral deficiency, potassium and magnesium supplements can alleviate the symptoms. But even without medication, the eyelid twitching disappears quite quickly. Distraction and stress relief mostly helped. (sb)

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