Often fatal asthma attacks in winter: How to reduce the risk

Often fatal asthma attacks in winter: How to reduce the risk

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Wearing a scarf over your mouth and nose in winter can protect against asthma attacks

Especially in winter, asthma can be a lethal risk for those affected. Researchers found that people with asthma can significantly reduce the risk of fatal attacks by simply wearing a scarf over their nose and mouth in winter.

The experts from Asthma UK explained in a press release how people with asthma can protect themselves from dangerous and sometimes even fatal attacks in winter. The doctors advise those affected that they should definitely wear a scarf over their nose and mouth in winter to reduce the risk.

Cold air in winter can lead to fatal asthma attacks

About three quarters of all asthmatics surveyed in the UK said their symptoms worsened in colder temperatures. Asthma UK officials said approximately four million asthma patients could be at risk of life-threatening asthma attacks this winter. This is due to the cold air, which can cause a respiratory cramp. This can then trigger a fatal asthma attack.

Asthmatics should wear a scarf over their mouth and nose in winter

However, if asthmatics wear a scarf over their nose and mouth, this warms up the air before it is inhaled. This reduces the risk of an asthma attack. Certainly most people are not thrilled when temperatures drop in winter. But for many people with asthma, going outside on a cold day can be life-threatening, explains Dr. Andy Whittamore from Asthma UK. “Living in the UK means that cold winter weather is unavoidable. But if people have asthma, wrapping their nose and mouth in a scarf can warm the air before inhaling, reducing the risk of an asthma attack, ”the expert added in the press release.

Scarfie campaign to protect asthmatics from asthma attacks in winter

Everyone should be aware that a simple scarf can save lives, whether they have asthma or not. If you know people with asthma, you should definitely pass this life-saving message on to those affected, the doctors advise. The charity Asthma UK has launched its # Scarfie annual campaign for the third time to highlight the positive impact of a scarf for people with asthma, which can help protect against the fatal risk of an asthma attack. The campaign helps asthma patients manage the symptoms of their illness in the best possible way in winter.

Many sufferers have to be hospitalized several times in winter

Even after many years with asthma, you still don't get used to the effects of an asthma attack. Many sufferers are shocked and scared when such an attack occurs. Those affected describe the situation as if they had to breathe through a tiny straw. "Cold air was such a problem for me, even the distance between my house and my car early in the morning triggered such severe asthma attacks that I had to go to a hospital," explains 58-year-old mother of two children Debbi Wood, who was asked about the problems of asthmatics in winter. The sick woman was admitted to the emergency room of a hospital several times after such an attack. Fortunately, the woman with asthma eventually came across the # Scarfie campaign on social media. By using a scarf in winter, sufferers have much less problems with their asthma in cold weather. (as)

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