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Parents are responsible for at least one child. Biological parenting defines the mother as the carrier of the egg from which the child has grown and the father of the child is the producer of the sperm cell that fertilized the egg. In the case of legal parenting, the mother of the child is the one who gave birth to the child and the father is the one who recognizes the child as his or is identified as a father by the resulting measures. In most cases, the biological parents and the legal parents are the same people. Furthermore, people are considered parents if they have adopted a child and thus have accepted all rights and obligations of the legal parents.

The upbringing of the children confronts the parents with a complex and not clearly defined task, in the best case of which one has a positive effect on the development of the child. But there are also numerous diseases or behavioral problems that can be attributed to poor parenting. In this way, children can develop health or behavior-related abnormalities. This happens, for example, through helicopter parents, alcohol abuse by the parents or poor nutrition in the family home, which results in the children being overweight. (vb)

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