Toilets, grab handles, handrails - there are many pathogens here

Toilets, grab handles, handrails - there are many pathogens here

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Public places are not only frequented by people

On 05. In line with the topic, the commercial health insurance company (KKH) published a representative survey. As a result, many respondents do not take cell phone hygiene very precisely. Public toilets rank first on the disgust scale. 87 percent of 1,000 German citizens surveyed find it particularly uncomfortable to use it.

According to the forsa survey, grab handles in buses and trains as well as handrails on escalators and banisters are in second place on the disgust scale. 37 percent are disgusted by handles from shopping trolleys in supermarkets and 28 percent by keyboards at ATMs. Many carry the collected germs home with them. One in three does not wash their hands before every meal. 33 percent of those questioned do not go to the sink after spending time outside.

Avoid viruses and bacteria by washing your hands regularly

The KKH recommends regular hand washing to curb the spread of viruses and bacteria. The respondents were exemplary when it came to going to the toilet. Here everyone washed their hands so well after use. Around 20 percent of the participants also wash their hands once an hour during the day.

Women are more disgusted

According to the results of the survey, women are disgusted more often than men. This can also be seen in the utensils carried. One in four women carries disinfectant wipes, while only seven percent of men do.

Washing hands protects against infectious diseases

"It has been proven that regular and thorough washing of hands reduces the risk of getting colds, flu and other infectious diseases," said Iris Roth of the KKH service team in a press release on the survey.

Correct hand washing

When it comes to cell phone hygiene, it is important to wash your hands properly. Experts advise washing at least 20 to 30 seconds to remove all pathogens. In addition to water, soap must also be used to get rid of dirt and microorganisms more effectively. Antibacterial solutions, as known from hospitals, are not necessary for everyday use.

Wash thoroughly

This is important to note when washing hands: Thoroughness is much more important than the means used. The places between the fingers and on the fingertips should not be forgotten. According to the KKH, the water temperature does not matter. Iris Roth recommends carefully drying your hands after washing, as a moist environment provides better conditions for the spread of microorganisms. (vb)

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