This common avocado mistake can be a health hazard

This common avocado mistake can be a health hazard

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Health: Almost everyone makes this avocado mistake

The basic power fruit is becoming increasingly popular. A few years ago we only knew her from distant countries. Today it can be purchased in every German supermarket. Avocados are extremely healthy. However, there are a few things to consider when dealing with them. Otherwise, they can even become a health risk.

Delicious and healthy fruits

Avocados have been growing in popularity for a long time. The fat-rich fruit is consumed neat on bread, as the main ingredient for guacamole or in a smoothie. Fresh avocados are not only extremely tasty, they are also very healthy. In addition to the healthy vegetable fats, the fruit contains numerous vitamins, minerals and secondary plant substances. Research shows that avocados can help lower cholesterol and are good for blood formation. In addition to the health benefits, there are also dangers - at least if the fruit is handled incorrectly.

Ban health risk

Most people know that fruits and vegetables always have to be washed thoroughly, but only a few people with avocados follow this advice. This quickly turns the supposed superfood into a health risk.

As experts from the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (USA) explain on their, avocados must always be washed before preparation.

It is best to clean the fruits with cold or lukewarm water and scrub them lightly. Bacteria and pesticides frolic on the chunky skin of the fruit, which can get into the flesh with a knife.

Do not forget to wash your hands after preparation. This avoids the transfer of harmful substances and eliminates the health risk.

Delicious and healthy fruits

Avocados are often seen as extremely fat calorie bombs, which is why many avoid the delicious fruits. But the unsaturated fatty acids it contains, which the body cannot manufacture itself, can even help you lose weight.

According to experts, the enzyme lipase plays a role in this, which controls fat burning during digestion and in the adipose tissue.

"There are also minerals such as magnesium and potassium, but also iron and vitamins B, E and K as well as provitamin A," said Heidrun Schubert of the Bavarian Consumer Center (sb, ad)

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