Immediate leg amputation after a spider bite while gardening

Immediate leg amputation after a spider bite while gardening

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Bite of a "false black widow": man wants to saw off his leg after a spider bite

An Englishman lost his leg after the bite of a "false black widow". The spider bite had caused blood poisoning - an amputation was inevitable. The man had previously threatened his doctor to cut off his leg with a chainsaw.

Leg amputated after spider bite

The news will particularly worry people who are afraid of spiders: According to media reports, the 46-year-old Englishman Andy Perry had to have his right leg amputated after the bite of a "false black widow". The spider bite had led to blood poisoning (sepsis) in the landscape gardener. The case happened three years ago, but has only recently become public.

It started with back pain

As British tabloids write, Perry is the first Brit to lose his entire leg due to a spider bite.

According to the Daily Mail newspaper, the landscape gardener fell ill with severe back pain 48 hours after a job three years ago.

At the time, he didn't know he was bitten by the UK's most poisonous spider until he was taken to hospital for blood poisoning and kidney failure.

Amputation over the right knee

He needed emergency care, was hung on a drip, and stayed in the Leicester Royal Infirmary clinic for a week.

The infection wore off over the next few weeks, but he had lymphedema on his leg, which caused severe pain.

After numerous appointments with specialists, the patient, who according to his own information was in mortal danger at the time, decided to have an amputation over his right knee.

The father of two is now wheelchair bound, cannot work or play with his children and needs daily treatment.

Back pain came from the kidneys

Various British newspapers are now reporting on what happened back then: in 2015, Andy Perry from Huncote, Leicestershire, came home from work at noon to take care of his two children.

"But after a few hours, I felt really bad," quotes The Sun newspaper. He called his wife, who ended her shift work and also came home.

He then spent almost the whole weekend in bed and had to vomit again and again. "Sunday morning was about getting to the hospital as soon as possible," said Perry.

In the clinic, a doctor quickly told him that he had to stay. "He immediately took me in, the pain in my back came from the kidneys, caused by the infection and sepsis," said the 48-year-old.

Bite of a "False Black Widow"

Two bite marks on his ankle were found during an examination.

Based on the symptoms, the attending doctor assumed that the bite came from a "false black widow".

The patient claimed not to have noticed the spider bite. "Apparently the fake widow's bite feels like a bee sting, but I didn't feel anything. The spiders are much more common than people think, ”said Perry.

Second operation needed

Thanks to the treatment, his kidney function and general condition improved over the next three months, but the lymphedema caused the leg to swell so much that the skin split and fell off.

"It was all just a massive open wound and blisters and just cruel," said the patient. "I spent a certain amount of time getting treatment."

But: "There was simply no surgeon nearby who wanted to touch it because of the lymphedema, since it was a live infection."

After all, he was so desperate that he decided to take a drastic measure: "At some point I had to threaten my family doctor to cut my own leg with a chainsaw because I was so desperate."

In the end, he found a doctor who amputated his leg. However, there was a secondary infection afterwards, which is why he had to be operated on again.

The plan now is to wait until the leg stump has healed, "get a prosthesis and get back to work this or next year."

Spider bites can put affected people out of action for days

According to media reports, there has been a sharp rise in the “False Black Widow” in the UK over the past four years. This is considered the most poisonous spider in the kingdom.

According to the information, the little animal has already brought a number of Britons to the hospital.

The spider's poison is not fatal to humans, but it can have unpleasant consequences and put bitten people out of action for several days.

Similar to the bite of a "black widow", there may be, among other things, cramping abdominal pain, headache, high blood pressure, nausea and vomiting, muscle pain and muscle cramps.

The False Black Widow has also appeared in isolated cases in Germany. (ad)

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