Health: Removing pubic hair is an underestimated health risk

Health: Removing pubic hair is an underestimated health risk

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What are the dangers of trimming the pubic area?

Most younger people today remove their pubic hair at least partially or completely. This is now completely normal, but pubic hair removal also carries some risks. In addition to an increased risk of infection with venereal diseases caused by tiny skin injuries, the risk of major injuries is also being discussed. Recently, US scientists have discovered that thousands of people are injured every year when they remove their pubic hair, some of which are so severe that they have to be treated in clinics.

Scientists at the University of California, the University of Texas Dell Medical School, and the Washington University School of Medicine found that more and more people are injured by the consequences of shaving or growing their pubic hair. The doctors published the results of their study in the journal "JAMA Dermatology".

Researchers evaluate the data from over 7,500 participants

For the study, a survey of 7,570 volunteers on their removal of pubic hair was evaluated. The participants ranged in age from 18 to 65 years. During the investigation, the experts found that removing all pubic hair and frequent hair removal were the most likely to cause injury. In the survey, participants were asked about their grooming habits and related injuries. The results were then analyzed to determine the extent and nature of the problem. This is how to identify the facts that increase the risk of injury.

Why are more and more people removing their pubic hair?

The removal of pubic hair has become more common in recent years. This could be due to the wrong assumption that this type of care is more hygienic. Some experts also attribute pubic hair removal to the influence of pornography, where shaved genitals are the norm.

Women are more likely to be injured

In their study, the researchers found that 66.5 percent of the men who participated in the survey and 85.3 percent of the women removed or trimmed their pubic hair. Of these, 1,430 (25.6 percent) suffered injuries while caring for their pubic area. The injuries were more likely to affect female subjects (27.1 percent). The figure for men was only 23.7 percent. However, most injuries were very minor and only 1.4 percent of the injuries required medical attention.

Pubic hair removal favors sexually transmitted infections

The most common injuries included cuts, burns, rashes, and infections. Growing seemed to cause fewer injuries compared to shaving, the scientists explain. Even the smallest of injuries can have a far-reaching effect. Earlier studies had shown that pubic hair removal favored sexually transmitted infections.

How did most participants remove their pubic hair?

The most common methods used for hair removal were normal razors, followed by electric razors, scissors and waxing. More frequent hair removal increased the risk of injury, and if women and men regularly removed all pubic hair (more than ten times a year), most of the injuries occurred, according to the researchers (as)

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