Lose weight: Psyllium husks make almost every diet successful

Lose weight: Psyllium husks make almost every diet successful

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Helpful fiber: Reduce weight with psyllium husk

Whether it's because you have a little too much extra pounds on your ribs, you want to feel fitter or you want to do something good for your health: There are many reasons why people want to reduce their weight. Psyllium husks can help here. But the superfood can do much more.

Obesity is a health hazard

Being overweight is a health hazard. For example, those who weigh too many pounds are at higher risk for cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure or diabetes. According to health experts, even minimal weight loss would have significant positive effects. Psyllium husk can help you lose weight. The superfood is recommended for many more reasons.

Healthy psyllium husk

Psyllium husks are a traditional component of Ayurveda with amazing effects on health.

Various positive properties could be proven in investigations. Psyllium helps with chronic constipation and irritable bowel syndrome.

Psyllium husks, which can absorb more than 50 times the amount of water, are also used to combat diabetes and high cholesterol. This property stimulates digestion and binds the contents of the intestine in the event of diarrhea.

In addition, psyllium stimulates the metabolism and helps burn calories better. So they can also help with weight loss.

Lose weight with fiber

In addition to regular exercise, proper nutrition is especially important if you want to reduce your body weight.

Losing weight with fiber is a method that not only helps get rid of excess hip gold, but also ensures a healthy gastrointestinal system.

Psyllium husks are particularly helpful on such diets. The indigestible seed husks of the psyllium are a good source of soluble fiber and are able to bind 50 times their weight in water.

As a result, they quickly provide a feeling of satiety inside the body and act against food cravings - even with small amounts.

Integrate into the daily menu

If you want to lose weight with psyllium husk, you should integrate it into your daily menu, experts advise.

Simply mix one or two spoons of psyllium into each meal and wait a bit before eating so that the seeds have enough time to soak in the liquid.

Many people stir the superfood into their muesli or yoghurt. They are also popular on salads, in soups or stews.

However, it can also make sense not to stir the seeds directly into the food, but rather to let them soak in a glass of water and drink the mixture before eating. Then you are not too hungry when you start your meal.

Exactly how much psyllium husk should be eaten depends on how well you tolerate it.

So first try small quantities until you find out how much is good for you. It would be even better to discuss this with a doctor.

It is very important to ensure an adequate hydration. Because if you drink too little, you risk indigestion and, in extreme cases, even an intestinal obstruction.

In addition, those wanting to lose weight should always pay attention to a healthy diet. If there is a lot of fruit, vegetables and protein and only a few carbohydrates on the menu, the effect of the seeds is accelerated. (ad)

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