Pediatricians: This is how children survive summer heat unscathed

Pediatricians: This is how children survive summer heat unscathed

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Observe rules of conduct at high outside temperatures

The high outside temperatures generally harbor certain health risks, with older people and children being particularly at risk. In the case of children, it is primarily the parents' responsibility to ensure that certain rules of conduct are observed as soon as the temperature rises above 25 ° Celsius, according to the professional association of pediatricians (BVKJ). The association has summarized the most important of these rules of conduct in a current communication.

Children especially suffer from extreme heat, emphasize the BVKJ experts. In the worst case, this could also cause serious physical complaints. "In the past few days, we have treated a lot of children in our practices who have suffered from weaknesses due to heat," emphasizes Dr. Josef Kahl, spokesman for the BVKJ, in a message on the portal

Which rules have to be observed?

By observing some rules of conduct at high outside temperatures, the health risk for the children can be significantly reduced, according to the BVKJ press officer. As a preventative measure, parents should pay attention to these rules of conduct for their children if the temperature rises above 25 ° Celsius, Dr. Bald on. For example, strenuous physical activities should only be carried out outside in the morning before 11 a.m. and in the afternoon from 4.30 p.m. Also, infants and toddlers under three years of age are never allowed in the direct sun and should only be in the shade, the expert emphasizes. Even there, the headgear remains mandatory, just like in the paddling pool.

Drink a lot, consistent sun protection, light food

According to the BVKJ, further rules of conduct to be observed are:

  • Double or triple the amount of drink at temperatures above 30 ° Celsius, whereby drinks such as water, unsweetened fruit tea or apple spritzer are suitable.
  • Eat only light, low-fat foods such as salads, low-fat yoghurts or curd cheese dishes, and do not consume heavy meals (many children have no appetite when the heat is on and should not be forced to eat).
  • Consistent sun protection with appropriate UV protective clothing and sunscreen with a sun protection factor of over 20, even when the sky is overcast. Apply a particularly thorough cream to the nose, ears, feet and shoulders.
  • Never leave babies in the car!
  • In the event of sunburn, take the child out of the sun immediately and, if necessary, alleviate the symptoms with cool envelopes, lukewarm showers and anti-inflammatory gels. In the event of severe sunburn with severe skin tension, blistering or fever, see a doctor.

In addition, if there is a thunderstorm, you should not spend time outdoors and not be in the water, according to the BVKJ. Finally, the good news for all children: According to the experts, ice cream in moderation is expressly allowed, although water ice cream or frozen natural juices are better than high-sugar milk ice cream. (fp)

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