Vegetables, fruit, whole-grain sandwiches: what is the right food when traveling?

Vegetables, fruit, whole-grain sandwiches: what is the right food when traveling?

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On vacation: nutrition tips for drivers and travelers

Vacation time is travel time. If you go on vacation by car, you should take healthy provisions for the trip. It is also important to drink a lot and to take regular breaks.

Healthy provisions ensure enjoyment and well-being

Summer time is vacation time: When you go on vacation with your car, healthy food should not be forgotten. The right food and drink ensure pleasure and well-being on long journeys. In addition, self-prepared packed lunches protect the travel budget and reduce packaging waste. This is pointed out by the German Nutrition Society (DGE) in a current communication.

Vitamins, fiber and phytochemicals

Self-catering go well with wholemeal rolls or wholemeal slices topped with sliced ​​cheese or low-fat sausage.

Whole grain foods not only provide more nutrients than white flour products, they also saturate for a long time.

There should be plenty of fruit and vegetables on the go.

Tomatoes, carrots or peppers are just as rich in vitamins, fiber and phytochemicals as cherries, berries or plums.

Dietary fiber saturates well and secondary plant substances have diverse and positive effects on health.

Bite-sized preparation

Yogurt or curd cheese is also recommended. They provide well-available protein, vitamin B2 and calcium.

According to the DGE, those who consume milk and milk products regularly support their bone health.

Small portions of nuts and dried fruit are also suitable for nibbling fun on the go.

In principle, the provisions should be prepared in accordance with the mouth, so that they can be enjoyed easily. Snacks that don't spill or squish are ideal.

To keep food fresh longer while on the go, it should be refrigerated and kept in sandwich paper or food-grade cans.

Drink regularly and sufficiently

It is also important to drink regularly and sufficiently. This promotes concentration, and not just when traveling.

According to the DGE, adults should drink about 1.5 liters a day and children should drink at least one liter - and more on hot days.

Water, unsweetened herbal and fruit teas and juice spritzers with three parts water and one part juice are ideal for quenching your thirst.

Water-rich fruits such as melons also contribute to the hydration and bring variety into play.

Take a break every two hours

Caffeinated drinks such as coffee, energy drinks or cola can make you restless and nervous if they are consumed in large quantities. They also do not replace a break.

The DGE advises to rest at least every two hours. You should eat and drink in peace and with pleasure.

You should stretch your legs at the rest area. Fitness exercises for long car journeys with stretching and stretching keep the circulation going.

Those who exercise, have a balanced and varied diet, stay fit longer and have more of their vacation. (ad)

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