Nutritional research: fat can make us slim

Nutritional research: fat can make us slim

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Low fat products don't help against the mass phenomenon of overweight. This is what British scientists from the National Obesity Forum and the Public Health Collaboration (PHC) say. The PHC encourages people to eat saturated fats, avoid sugar, and stop counting calories to prevent and reduce diabetes 2. Saturated fats have no negative effects on blood sugar - unlike carbohydrates, especially in the form of sugar.

"Fat is your friend"
Aseem Malhotra of the PHC says: “Eat fat to get slim. Don't be afraid of fat. Fat is your friend. ”

NOF and PHC have made tough accusations that the British health authorities would run the food industry. A low fat industry threatens human health.

Aseem Malhotra of the PHC even says that propaganda for low fat products is perhaps the biggest mistake in modern medical history: "Our population has been subjected to a global experiment for almost 40 years that has gone dramatically wrong."

The fact is: More and more people suffer from obesity and obesity. And, according to the WHO, the number of diabetes patients is increasing massively.

Those who reduce fat and calories will not lose weight in the long term, the PHC claims. However, it is best to avoid sugar altogether.

Starch, sugar and alcohol promoted diabetes 2, but saturated fats counteracted the disease.

Fat is not the same as fat
However, the PHC warns of industrially produced vegetable oil and advises that eggs, fish, nuts and seeds be used as sources of fat. These also contained vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Avocados, olives and meat also have these natural and healthy fats.

The vegetable oils rich in omega-6 promoted various crayfish, sunflower and corn oil also increase the risk of fatal heart diseases.

Fat is healthy?
David Haslam, spokesman for the National Obesity Forum, said: "As a doctor who looks after patients every day, I quickly realized that guidelines that promote a carbohydrate-rich, low-fat diet are profoundly deficient."

Saturated fats, on the other hand, not only didn't promote heart disease, they actually strengthened the heart. The guidelines in the United States and Great Britain wrongly did not differentiate between saturated and unsaturated fats in their standards of reducing fat in food.

New studies would have shown that people who ate a lot of cheese, whole milk and yogurt, i.e. saturated fats, developed the least overweight - whereas those who ate low fat but a lot of carbohydrates suffered the most from overweight.

Saturated fats reduced the risk of diabetes 2. Researchers outside of NOF and PHC are also certain: “Foods with a high milk fat content reduce the risk of diabetes”

The PHC says education in low-fat products is catastrophic, despite the fact that diets are getting lower and lower in fat, the number of obese people in the UK continues to increase and authorities should revise their dietary guidelines.

Sport makes you slim?
The PHC is also opposed to the popular idea that exercise reduces weight. Her conclusion: Those who count calories, exercise and eat carbohydrates do not lose weight.

Criticism of the "fat fans"
Other scientists go to court with the PHC and the NOF.
British doctors criticize the theses of the “National Obesity Forum” as scientifically inadequate: the “fat friends” have only picked out evidence that supports their opinion and ignores a variety of studies with the opposite result.

In fact, current studies see a link between high-fat food and cancer: if teenagers eat too much fatty food, the risk of breast cancer increases later.

Low fat made in Germany
The British guidelines also apply in Germany. For example, the "German Nutrition Society" (DGE) advises to "consume plenty of bread, cereal flakes, pasta, potatoes and rice" and advises "ingredients that are as low in fat as possible." (Dr. Utz Anhalt)

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