Bad burns: Child accidentally scalded with water from the garden hose

Bad burns: Child accidentally scalded with water from the garden hose

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Serious misfortune: mother scalds her baby with the garden hose
In the United States, a woman accidentally inflicted serious injuries on her child. The mother wanted to cool her baby with the garden hose on a hot day. But the water in it was so hot that the infant suffered second degree burns.

Tragic misfortune when cooling down
In high heat, many people cool off by jumping into the pool or lake. You can also refresh yourself in the bathroom, with experts advising against ice-cold showers on hot days. A young mother from the US state of Arizona also wanted to cool off her son on a day with very high temperatures. A tragic accident occurred: The woman scalded her nine-month-old baby with a garden hose.

Nine month old baby scalded with hot water
As the US media report, Dominique Woodger from Arizona played with her nine-month-old baby Nicholas in the garden at over 40 degrees. To provide more cooling, she put her son in a children's paddling pool and sprayed water with a garden hose. But suddenly the little boy started screaming and crying heart-wrenching, his skin threw small bubbles all over his body. "At first, I thought Nicholas was crying because he got water in the face," Woodger told ABC15.

Second degree burns
The mother quickly noticed that this was not the case as the little one's skin became redder and redder. The water, which was still in the garden hose, had apparently heated to over 65 degrees due to the extreme temperatures. According to police captain Larry Subervi, little Nicholas suffered second degree burns and more than 30 percent of his small body was scalded. Fortunately, there are always better therapy options for burn victims today. His mother turned to the public after the dramatic accident: “Please be careful! Test the water temperature before you splash your children! ”According to the doctors, little Nicholas is getting well again. "He is currently peeling all over his body," his mother reported. (ad)

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