Extremely rare: woman gives birth to identical triplets

Extremely rare: woman gives birth to identical triplets

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Caesarean birth: Identical triplets born in the United States
In the United States, a young woman gave birth to identical triplets. The girls were born by Caesarean section. According to experts, the probability of getting identical triplets is “one in a million”.

Identical triplets came by caesarean section
A young woman in the US state of Oregon gave birth to identical triplets. As the Oregonian newspaper reports, doctors in Portland performed a Caesarean birth after one of the three girls' heartbeat weakened. The report cited information from the clinic and the family in its report.

Toenails should be painted in different colors
The infants, who are only around 33 weeks old, are now in a newborn intensive care unit. The moment when 19-year-old Amber Hills saw her little one for the first time was unforgettable for her, she called the babies "the loved ones of her life". The young mother said: "I was so happy, my heart was so full and I was totally in love". It is said that the parents want to paint their girls' toenails differently in order to distinguish them.

Probability of "one in a million"
The neonatologist Dr. Craig Novack advised the mother's fiance to "buy a lottery ticket". Even if there are no statistics, the probability of getting identical triplets is, according to him, "one in a million". Identical triplets are extremely rare indeed.

Identical triplets in Bochum
In principle, they arise like identical twins. Shortly after fertilization, the egg cell divides in such a way that an embryo can emerge from each of the two resulting cells. With identical triplets, this extremely rare event occurs twice in succession. In Germany, identical triplets were born at the Catholic Clinic in Bochum at the end of 2014. At that time there was talk of a "century event".

More and more multiple births
In Germany, as in many other countries, there have been more and more multiple births in recent years. According to experts, the increase could be linked to hormone treatments and artificial insemination, but clear evidence of this connection has so far been lacking. However, it is known that the health risks associated with twin and multiple births for mother and children increase when pregnant.

Health risks for mother and children
According to doctors, there is an increased risk of miscarriage or premature birth in such pregnancies. In addition, growth delays are to be expected in multiples due to the insufficient nutrient supply in the mother's body. About 98 percent of multiple births in Germany are twin births. According to the Federal Statistical Office, there were a total of 13,270 women with multiple births in Germany in 2014. Of these, 12,977 were twin births, 282 were triplet births and eleven other multiple births. (ad)

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