Protein suppliers: should tofu be better than animal protein?

Protein suppliers: should tofu be better than animal protein?

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Important protein supplier: Tofu consists of crushed soybeans
Be it for ecological, ethical or health reasons: More and more people are choosing to eat less meat. The supply of protein is not a problem for them either, there are enough plant-based alternatives, including tofu. Many do not even know how the meat replacement comes about.

Vegetarian alternatives to meat
Vegetarian and vegan foods have experienced a real boom in recent years. More and more meat eaters are also increasingly using vegetable products. Tofu is the main vegetarian alternative to meat. This is low in calories and contains many valuable nutrients such as magnesium, potassium and iron as well as B vitamins and E vitamins. But above all, it is very high in protein.

Tofu as an important source of protein
"Tofu is popular with many vegans and vegetarians as an important source of protein," wrote the Bavarian Consumer Agency in a recent message. Most people know that tofu is a white, relatively tasteless block, but how it comes about is unknown to many.

For tofu, crushed soybeans are boiled with water and filtered, the experts explain. Calcium sulfate or magnesium chloride is added to the soy milk so obtained that it coagulates. The excess liquid is then removed by pressing.

Silk tofu has more residual moisture
"We have to differentiate between firm and soft tofu," explains Silke Noll, nutrition expert at the Bavarian consumer center. Soft tofu, also known as silk tofu, still has a lot of residual moisture. You can spoon it like pudding. It is well suited for making desserts. Solid, dry tofu, on the other hand, is cut-resistant and resembles cooked meat in its consistency. It is used more for hearty dishes.

Natural tofu is tasteless, but can be prepared and seasoned in a variety of ways. Delicious tofu recipes can be found on the Internet, among other things. (ad)

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