Evaluated: More and more women die from lung cancer

Evaluated: More and more women die from lung cancer

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More and more women die from lung and bronchial cancer
The Statistical Yearbook 2016 has been published with current data on health, sport and nutrition, among other things. This showed a very negative trend. Because more and more women fall ill and die of lung cancer. According to the experts, smoking is the absolute main trigger of this serious cancer. As the proportion of women who smoke increased, so did the number of lung cancers.

In 2014, a total of 45,000 people died from lung and bronchial cancer in Germany. This was the second leading cause of death in men (29,500). Lung and bronchial cancer led to death in around 15,500 women. “This means that the number of women who have died of lung and bronchial cancer has increased by 41% in the past ten years. The main cause of these diseases is smoking, ”said Dieter Sarreither, President of the Federal Statistical Office, at the press conference“ How healthy do we live? ”At the presentation of the Statistical Yearbook 2016 on October 27 in Berlin.

Being overweight (obesity) is one of the typical “diseases of civilization”. Almost 16% of the adult population in Germany had a body mass index (BMI) of 30 and more in 2013. Men were 17% more obese than women at 14%. The proportion of overweight people is increasing: in 1999 it was 12% for men and 11% for women.

An effective remedy for being overweight is exercise. In 2012/2013, every resident spent an average of 27 minutes a day in Germany on sports and physical activity. The amount of time spent has remained relatively constant over the past eleven years. For television (including videos and DVDs), we took about 4.5 times as much with 124 minutes. Since 2001/2002, the average television viewing has increased by 11 minutes.

Diet also plays an important role in a healthy lifestyle. In 2014, according to their own statements, around 8% of the population was unable for financial reasons to eat a full meal (vegetarian or with meat, poultry or fish) every other day. This form of material deprivation affected above average people living alone and in single-parent households (2014: 16% each). (sb)

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