Healthy fennel: extra cleaning does not make sense

Healthy fennel: extra cleaning does not make sense

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Fried, as tea or raw food: healthy fennel can be used in many ways
Fennel is extremely versatile. As a raw food or salad ingredient, it brings the typical intense fennel taste to the plate, fried it tastes a bit milder. The tuber is not only delicious, but also healthy. Fennel tea in particular is known as a tried and tested home remedy for stomach ache.

Versatile use
Similar to broccoli, zucchini or arugula, fennel has found its way to Germany via healthy Mediterranean cuisine. The delicious vegetables can be used in a variety of ways. "As a raw food or salad ingredient, it brings the typical intense fennel taste to your plate," wrote the Provincial Association of Rheinischer Obst- und Gemüsebauer in Bonn on its website.

Delicious and healthy
The fennel becomes milder by heating. If the raw vegetables taste too intense, you should try them steamed, fried, as soup or in a casserole. Delicious recipes can be found on the Internet, among other things.

Fennel not only tastes very good, it is also good for your health. The medicinal plant with the great effect is used, among other things, as a home remedy for flatulence.

Well tolerated and easily digestible
"Not only fennel tea but also the fennel bulbs are well tolerated and easily digestible," said the provincial association. The vegetables contain calcium, magnesium, potassium and vitamin C.

Fennel is also a vegetable that requires little cleaning. The entire tuber, with the exception of the stalk in the middle, can be eaten. Fennel can be stored in a plastic bag for several days in the refrigerator. (ad)

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