According to medical experts, vitamin D deficiency increases the risk of bladder cancer

According to medical experts, vitamin D deficiency increases the risk of bladder cancer

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Doctors have found a link between vitamin D deficiency and bladder cancer
In general, many people suffer from a lack of vitamins. Vitamin D is no exception. Researchers have now found that vitamin D deficiency is associated with an increased risk of developing bladder cancer.

The University of Warwick scientists found that vitamin D deficiency increases the likelihood of bladder cancer. The doctors released a statement on the results of their study.

Vitamin D helps control levels of calcium and phosphate
Vitamin D is produced by sun exposure and the consumption of fatty fish and egg yolk in the body, for example. The vitamin helps the body control the concentration of calcium and phosphate, the authors say. Previous studies have already linked vitamin D deficiency to cardiovascular diseases, cognitive impairments, autoimmune diseases and cancer, the experts explain.

Many people suffer from vitamin D deficiency
In the UK alone, one in five adults suffer from vitamin D deficiency, the scientists explain. For their current study, the researchers reviewed seven older studies on vitamin D deficiency for an increased risk of developing bladder cancer.

Vitamin D can stimulate an immune response
The researchers are now studying the effects of vitamin D deficiency on our body, and especially the bladder. In a separate clinical experiment, it was found that the so-called transition epithelial cells of the bladder can react to vitamin D, which in turn can stimulate an immune response.

Vitamin D could be used to prevent cancer
More clinical studies are needed to investigate this association more closely. However, the results of current research already indicate that a low level of vitamin D in the blood prevents cells in the bladder from showing an adequate response to abnormal cells, the authors explain. Because vitamin D is cheap and safe, a potential use in cancer prevention could be interesting and have a potential impact on many people's lives.

Vitamin D deficiency can lead to bone weakness and bladder cancer
The lack of vitamin D can lead to bone weakness and many other negative effects, the scientists explain. Five of the seven separate studies found that low levels of vitamin D lead to an increased risk of bladder cancer. The reason for this seems to be the reaction of cells in the bladder.

Experts advise vitamin D supplements during the winter months
The results show that taking vitamin D regularly can make sense for a number of reasons, the authors say. Vitamin D deficiency is generally a rarely diagnosed and underestimated problem.Regular intake of vitamin D supplements should be routinely made during the winter months, the experts advise. (as)

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