Chinese medicine can help with numerous common diseases

Chinese medicine can help with numerous common diseases

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How alternative medicine helps with major common diseases
Chinese medicine is becoming increasingly important and influential in Germany. Acupuncture in particular has a permanent place in the healthcare system. However, Chinese medicine only develops its full potential through the use of naturopathic medicine therapy. Far Eastern medicine is based on a holistic approach. She knows no rigid therapy scheme. Patients with the same clinical picture can have very different causes. But there are explanatory models for diseases that apply to most patients. Dr. Christian Schmincke, TCM expert and head of the clinic at the Steigerwald, presents the major common diseases with a Chinese perspective:

Back pain: From the perspective of Chinese medicine, in addition to incorrect stress, circulation disorders or slagging are possible causes of back pain. Because of a disturbed supply and disposal of muscles and connective tissue, the tissue loses its strength, elasticity and adaptability. Colds that have not healed can also cause persistent back pain. Chinese medicinal therapy in particular helps to get important diversion processes going. For example, medicines that also contain broom mugwort and the roots of the Chinese cord tree ensure that inflammable substances are discharged. TCM experts also prescribe pain-relieving procedures such as acupuncture. It releases tension and stimulates muscle tone.

Headaches & Migraines: Headaches often have a variety of causes. Therefore, a comprehensive medical history and diagnosis is the focus. These help to identify triggering factors and small body signals. Chinese medicine, for example, sees an unfavorable connection with headache in an unfavorable tension processing or in disturbed abdominal and lower abdominal processes. If TCM experts want to remove blockages between head and stomach in the acute phase, they rely on bamboo as a component in Chinese medication formulations. Acupuncture and moxibustion are also important pillars - the stimulation of acupuncture points by means of warming. They particularly help with pain attacks, which often occur during the withdrawal phase of migraine-related drugs.

High blood pressure: The most famous pillar of Chinese medicine is acupuncture. Studies confirm positive effects even with high blood pressure. Depending on the patient, acupuncture can be used to select very well relieving and tension-regulating points that achieve success in individual cases. However, Chinese medicinal therapy is used to achieve greater regeneration and vibration ability of the blood pressure system. Gentle body therapies and Qi Gong relieve tension and strengthen the body's clarifying function, which improves blood circulation. A careful selection of foods also prevents high blood pressure. An excess of animal proteins should be avoided.

diabetes: Type 1 diabetes shows how well Chinese medicine and conventional medicine complement each other. Without the pharmacologically produced insulin, these patients died in earlier times. First of all, insulin is a blessing for every insulin-dependent diabetic. With an appropriate lifestyle, patients have a good prognosis for a long life. However, they can also use Chinese medicine to lower their daily insulin requirements. In type 2 diabetes, the responsiveness of the cells to insulin is impaired. To compensate for this, the islet cells produce more and more insulin and exhaust themselves in the long run.

If the islet cells of the pancreas have not yet completely given up their insulin production, treatment according to Chinese principles can lead to discontinuation of the antidiabetic drugs. Even if diabetes 2 has become insulin-dependent, improvements can sometimes be achieved even without using insulin while smoothing the blood sugar profiles. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, the organism in diabetes is often overwhelmed by food, feelings and information; there is a traffic jam that primarily obstructs the supply and disposal routes. The blood sugar derailment is therefore the result of a more general disorder that strikes body and soul. In diabetes, TCM doctors try to strengthen the body's clarifying functions with tools such as Chinese medicinal plants, acupuncture, body therapies and Qi Gong. A change in diet is essential for the sustainability of success.

Feeling of fullness. According to Chinese thinking, the so-called middle organ sits in the stomach. It is the body's sorting station. In addition to the place of digestion, the stomach is also a kind of transhipment point for information and feelings. In times of constant overload due to the abundance of the offer, the center therefore increasingly reacts with constipation, diarrhea or painful flatulence. In order to correct energy and material derailments, TCM experts use medication formulations that strengthen the organism's natural clarifying functions. So muntin plant sprouts or the featherberry thornberry as a recipe component can promote digestive power. In order to permanently avoid gastrointestinal complaints, certain principles of Chinese nutritional science must be taken into account. For example, those affected by the irritable bowel, the colon irritable, report successes in the treatment of their illness by eating vegetables emphasized with as little animal protein as possible.

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