Heroin death drug number one: number of drug deaths overall falling

Heroin death drug number one: number of drug deaths overall falling

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Hard drug use: number of drug deaths declining
The number of drug-related deaths in Lower Saxony has dropped, according to police reports. There are also fewer deaths from hard drugs in Schleswig-Holstein. As in previous years, heroin is the number one death drug.

Less deaths from illegal drugs
In Lower Saxony, 59 people died from drugs in 2016 by the end of November. This was announced by the State Criminal Police Office (LKA) in Hanover, reports the news agency dpa. According to the information, 67 victims were registered in the same period last year. According to a LKA spokeswoman, the total number of drug deaths at the end of the year is expected to be below the level of previous years.

Heroin is the deadliest intoxicant
In 2015 and 2014, 70 and 73 people in Lower Saxony were said to have died from the use of hard drugs, respectively. According to the agency report, men are still clearly outnumbered among drug victims.

According to this, there were 47 male drug deaths and twelve female deaths in Lower Saxony in 2016 up to and including November. According to the dpa, the average age of drug addiction deaths was 39, as in previous years.

As the LKA spokeswoman said, heroin remains the deadliest drug. According to the police, some of the victims died directly from the consumption, while others died from the associated consequences, such as comorbidities, infections or physical deterioration.

In addition, the consumption of several types of drugs and the associated mixed intoxication were found to be increasing.

Numbers also declining in Schleswig-Holstein
The number of drug-related deaths also fell sharply this year in Schleswig-Holstein. As the LKA in Kiel announced at the request of the German Press Agency, there were 29 drug victims by December 14.

42 people had died after drug use in the past year. It is said that the 29 deaths this year again correspond to the level of 2014 with 29 drug deaths. Heroin is also the number one death drug in Schleswig-Holstein.

Consumer behavior has changed
According to the police, general consumer behavior has changed from sedating narcotics to synthetic synthetic drugs such as amphetamine or ecstasy.

In the meantime, the LKA Schleswig-Holstein believes that a legal gap in drug control has been closed. The law to combat the spread of new psychoactive substances (NpSG) came into force on November 26.

"A ban on these substances was appropriate and necessary," said LKA. The federal government's drug commissioner, Marlene Mortler, said it was "unbearable if some of the highly dangerous substances were sold on the Internet and at parties as" legal highs "," herbal mixtures "or" bath salts "" and the police could not do anything.

When using such drugs there are health risks up to the risk of life.

Legal drugs do more harm
According to health experts, legal drugs should not be forgotten when it comes to health risks or deaths from intoxicants. Experts believe that legal drugs do more harm than illegal ones.

The German Center for Addiction Issues (DHS) wrote in a statement last year: "It is often overlooked that over 100 times as many people die from alcohol and tobacco use as from illegal drugs". (ad)

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