Health: Coffee consumption can inhibit systemic inflammatory processes

Health: Coffee consumption can inhibit systemic inflammatory processes

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Study: Coffee protects older people from significant health problems
There are always reports of the positive effects on our health from drinking coffee. Researchers have now found that in older people, inflammatory processes that trigger cardiovascular health problems can be combated by taking caffeine. The growing evidence for the health benefits of consuming coffee is further reinforced by the result.

In a study, scientists at Stanford University School of Medicine found that coffee can reduce systemic inflammation. These trigger significant cardiovascular health problems, especially in older people. The doctors published the results of their study in the journal "Nature Medicine".

Coffee consumption affects inflammation
The Stanford University School of Medicine experts found a link between aging, cardiovascular disease, coffee consumption and systemic inflammation in a comprehensive analysis of blood samples. The data for this analysis were collected from several surveys, and the researchers also took into account the family history of several subjects.

Coffee fights triggers for cardiovascular diseases
The multi-year study suggests that a basic inflammatory mechanism is associated with aging and some chronic illnesses. It was found that the consumption of coffee can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases in older people, the experts say. The study suggests that inflammatory processes can act as triggers for cardiovascular disease. Because of this, the process contributes to an increased mortality rate.

Chronic inflammation can lead to the development of cancer
Metabolites are the by-products of the so-called nucleic acid metabolism. The metabolites circulate in human blood. In some people, the metabolites can catch fire. The nucleic acids are the molecules that function as building blocks for the human genes. Earlier, thousands of researches had shown that chronic inflammation could be the cause of the development of a number of cancers, Alzheimer's, cardiovascular diseases, depression and arthritis, explains author David Furman

Doctors discover possible reasons for longevity due to coffee consumption
More than 90 percent of all non-communicable diseases in old age are associated with chronic inflammation, Furman continues. It is also known that caffeine intake is associated with increased longevity. The physicians explain that many studies have shown this association. In the current study, the scientists now found a possible reason for this connection.

Effect of coffee:
Caffeine can prevent the action of the nucleic acid metabolites by the action of its own metabolites. This could explain why people who drink coffee live longer than non-coffee drinkers. Research also suggests that coffee can counter an inflammatory process related to aging. This can avoid a number of health problems in older patients.

Coffee lowers the risk of dementia in women
Coffee has recently been associated with a wide range of potential benefits. For example, in a recent study, doctors wondered whether coffee consumption could lower the risk of dementia in women. The doctors found that the daily consumption of more than 261 milligrams of coffee contributes to a reduction in the risk of dementia. Coffee reduces the risk of dementia by around 36 percent. (as)

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