Industrial instant noodles unhealthy and extremely difficult to digest

Industrial instant noodles unhealthy and extremely difficult to digest

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Instant noodles very difficult to digest
Japanese instant noodles, also called ramen, are also an absolute trend in Germany. Apparently, the noodles are anything but healthy, as a team of doctors led by medical doctor Braden Kuo from Massachusetts General Hospital found. According to the scientists, the ramen puts a greater strain on the human organism than previously thought. In a summary it said: "The noodles are a" real danger "for health." 32

As part of a series of experiments, doctor Braden Kuo from Massachusetts General Hospital administered ramen noodles to a subject. In addition, the test subject swallowed a small mini-probe that documented the digestive process. In the second trial run, the person ate freshly prepared pasta noodles. Again the camera was sent on a digestive journey.

"Although the experiment is not a study based on scientific standards, it is nevertheless relevant in its statement," emphasizes study director Kuo. Because the recordings showed that the consumption was "worrying" in comparison. It was shown that the effects of "heavily processed foods" that were processed with many chemical additives are potentially harmful to health. These include, for example, the antioxidant E319 or glutamate, which is found in many instant foods.

Large differences in digestion were observed in the video. After an hour or two, the instant noodles were significantly less processed than the fresh pasta. "We saw the stomach contract repeatedly to digest the noodles," reports Kuo. The pasta was digested very quickly and did not cause any problems for the stomach.

As early as 2014, a thoroughly scientific study pointed to the health consequences of the frequent consumption of instant noodles. As the scientists report in the journal "Journal of Nutrition", the frequent consumption of such meals carries the risk of developing the so-called metabolic syndrome.

For the study, the scientists examined the eating habits of more than 10,700 South Korean men and women between 19 and 64 years of age. Some of the subjects preferred to eat rice, fish, vegetables and fruit. The other part, however, mainly from meat, fried and fast food, including instant noodles. What was new for the scientists was that there is a connection between the consumption of such meals and heart diseases. For example, women who ate instant noodles more than twice a week were much more likely to develop the metabolic syndrome. Your risk increased by 70 percent.

The "deadly quartet"
The metabolic syndrome, also known as the "deadly quartet", is characterized by abdominal obesity (obesity), high blood pressure, high blood lipid levels and insulin resistance, which is the main cause of type 2 diabetes. These factors in turn can promote diseases such as arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), coronary artery disease or heart attack. According to the magazine “livescience”, even among the young, slimmer women who did a lot of sport, the link between eating instant noodles and the risk of metabolic syndrome was made.

High content of saturated fatty acids and sodium
The team led by Hyun Shin from the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston, among other things, is responsible for a high proportion of saturated fatty acids and sodium. In addition, the pasta contains a lot of calories and simple carbohydrates. The reason why this connection does not exist in men does not seem to be clearly clarified. The researchers assume that there are different dispositions between the sexes, such as sex hormones and metabolism. (ad)

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