It's all about this thing everywhere: what really makes people happy

It's all about this thing everywhere: what really makes people happy

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Long-term studies: Researchers find the recipe for happiness
Everyone strives to live a full life. However, opinions differ on the question of how this should look. For some, prosperity and career are very high here, for others, the family. Researchers who have been dealing with the subject for decades have found that it is primarily about something that really makes us happy.

What is happiness?
For most people, being healthy and happy is at the top of the list when it comes to what they expect from life. Both often go hand in hand. But what is happiness? Often it is very simple circumstances or things that can help. So for some it is a successful holiday that makes them happy and healthy, for others chocolate is fortunately enough. Researchers have been dealing with the question of what we humans really need for a fulfilling life for decades. Studies have found that it is all about one thing.

Recipe for happiness
One should actually think that there is no clear answer to what happiness means to humans. After all, we are all different. Some attach particular importance to health, others to a nice home or success at work.

But there seems to be a recipe for happiness. Researchers at Harvard University in the USA came to the conclusion that it is above all good relationships that make us happy.

A subject later became the US President
For their study, the scientists analyzed, among other things, the data from subjects from two scientific studies: the “The Grant Study” with 268 Harvard graduates and the “The Glueck Study” with 456 men who grew up in Boston.

The observation of the study participants has been going on for over 75 years, some of them have already died, others are still in contact with the researchers.

There were subjects who, over the decades, became alcoholics, were unsuccessful on the job or developed mental illnesses. Others became lawyers, doctors, business people, and one even became US President: John F. Kennedy, the New York Times reports.

Study produced remarkable insights
Over the years, the study has brought many remarkable insights. For example, it was shown that giving up smoking is the most important thing in order to age well. The researchers also found that aging liberals have a longer and more active sex life than conservatives.

It also showed that alcohol was the primary cause of divorce and that alcohol abuse often preceded depression.

The study had different directors over time. The fourth is Dr. Robert Waldinger. He expanded the investigation so that the researchers have since focused not only on men, but also on their women and children.

It turned out that it was above all relationships with friends and here in particular with the spouse that had an impact on health and well-being.

Scientists also found similar findings in other studies. Researchers reported that marriage can make you happier and more resistant to stress, and that a happy partner is good for your own health.

Happier and healthier
Dr. Waldinger told the magazine "Inc": "The clearest message that we receive from the 75-year study is: Good relationships keep us happier and healthier. Point"

In a lecture by Dr. Waldinger, who can be seen on "Ted", explained that the emphasis was on good: "It is not about the number of friends or whether you are in a binding relationship. What matters is the quality of the close relationships. "

You can tell the quality of a relationship by how safe you feel in it while sharing your innermost being with others. And also how vulnerable we are, how deep the relationship goes. And last but not least, whether we can relax in it and we can be who we are; but also to appreciate the other person as he is.

Do something for a good relationship
According to George Vaillant, who led the study from 1972 to 2004, there are two main points: “One is love. The other is to find a way of life that does not suppress love. "

You can also do something like Dr. Waldinger said, according to the New York Post, "The possibilities are endless," he said.

"For example, simply replace the time on the screen with time with people, or give life to a stale relationship by doing something new together, taking long walks or going out in the evening."

In the magazine "Inc" he pointed out that living together can also be very stressful: "Relationships are chaotic and complicated." But: "A good life is based on good relationships." (Ad)

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