Twitter homeopathy shitstorm started at the technician's cash register

Twitter homeopathy shitstorm started at the technician's cash register

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Techniker Krankenkasse massively criticized
The Twitter comments on homeopathy triggered a massive shitstorm at Techniker Krankenkasse (TK), which has so far not ended despite apologies and attempts to clarify the situation. By justifying the assumption of costs for homeopathic remedies, many people obviously felt additionally provoked and the TK social media team probably had their hands full answering the numerous comments.

To this day, spirits are divided over the use of homeopathy. Although many people use homeopathic remedies, their effects remain doubtful and critics see only an effect at the placebo level. Nevertheless, some health insurance companies cover the costs of homeopathic remedies, such as the Techniker Krankenkasse. Critical questions should be allowed here. Answering such a request via Twitter has now given the TK a massive shit storm.

Question about the effectiveness of homeopathy
The question which a user asked the TK on Twitter not only seems justified, but many advocates of homeopathy would also like a well-founded answer. "Dear @DieTechniker, can you as an insured person name clean, scientific studies that prove the effectiveness of homeopathy?" Asked user Oliver S. (@IlloSZ). The answer promptly followed: "Dear @ IlloSZ, can you name us clean, scientific studies that prove the ineffectiveness of homeopathy?" A rather non-factual answer, which was followed by numerous comments. The harmless ones were: "Who is in charge of your Twitter account?" Or "I'm really excited that @DieTechniker answers tweets at one in the morning. But sometimes sleeping over it would be better. "

Objective tweet causes annoyance
However, many users went further in their criticism and made it clear that studies on effectiveness are usually presented. “@The technicians have to prove their effectiveness, not the other way around. Your request is not scientifically permissible, ”says the clear statement of a Twitter user. The TK admitted an error and explained “Our tweet was factual and we are sorry. But we cannot undo it. ”Another reaction was:“ The tweet was very unfortunate tonight. We are working on the mistake, but only because of one mistake no one is going to fly us out. ”However, the critics are rarely satisfied with such answers calm down.

Attempts to explain lead to more annoyance
The TK's declaration that the assumption of costs for homeopathy only takes into account the wishes of the insured and that it is part of the "legal mandate (belong) to promote / offer special forms of therapy" caused further violent criticism. "@The technicians ineffective sugar balls are paid because the members want it? I want glasses to be paid for! ”Said one of the comments. "At TK, glasses are only available in homeopathic doses," replies another user. The criticism of the attempts at justification by the TK is aimed primarily at the fact that money is paid for an ineffective treatment method, while other - demonstrably sensible measures - are not paid. It has also often been pointed out that many insured do not pay their membership fees in order to finance the homeopathic remedies for other insured.

Scientific investigations are ongoing
Most of the Twitter users also met with ridicule and annoyance at the TK's efforts to scientifically process the topic in a joint study with the Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin. Here money is wasted and there are already enough investigations, the criticism of the announcement that the TK has been working with the Charité in Berlin since March 2013 on a scientific study, the results of which are expected for 2018. Most Twitter users seem to already know the outcome of the study, even without having dealt with the topic further. This shows once again how hardened the fronts between supporters and opponents of homeopathy are now.

Assumption of costs is viewed critically by many
Why the TC takes over the costs for homeopathy and for other services such as glasses, there is no corresponding cost coverage, remains unclear even after the TC opinion. Many users make it clear that they have no problem with homeopathy as long as users have to bear the costs themselves. However, they are critical of the assumption of costs, since the effect here is not greater than the placebo effect. However, the placebo effect can also be proven to help, and there is little to be said against the use of homeopathic medicines, especially for diseases for which no other treatment is known. They are relatively inexpensive and the hope of improvement - even if it is only based on the placebo effect - can significantly improve the course of the disease. Perhaps, therefore, the placebo effect should generally be used more in medicine, especially since, according to more recent studies, this also shows its effect if those affected know that they are taking a placebo. (fp)

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