Warning: Every 8 minutes, a child injures themselves on these toddler products

Warning: Every 8 minutes, a child injures themselves on these toddler products

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Bed linen and baby car seats often lead to injuries in young children
Young children under the age of three are often injured when using special bedding, strollers, baby car seats and baby carriers. Researchers found that an accident involving such products injured a child approximately every eight minutes in the United States.

Scientists at the Center for Injury Research and Policy at Nationwide Children's Hospital found in an investigation that approximately 66,000 young children are injured each year in the United States through the use of strollers, baby carriers, and baby carriers, for example. Such injuries have increased significantly in recent years. The experts published the results of their study in the "Pediatrics" journal.

An accident occurs every eight minutes
Doctors were surprised at the number of injuries caused by using infant products, explains Tracy Mehan of Nationwide Children's Hospital. Every eight minutes, an accident caused by products used by families every day is a lot, adds the expert. There is also an increasing awareness among parents of the symptoms, for example, of a concussion, says Mehan. However, this is not an explanation for the increase in accidents among young children.

Study analyzes emergency room data over a period of twenty years
To determine how many children were injured in accidents involving toddler products, the researchers looked at emergency room data between 1991 and 2011. American experts estimate that 1,391,844 children under the age of 3 were affected by the disease in these two decades Use of products for infants has been violated. And even this high number could be an undervaluation, Mehan adds. The number is likely to be even higher since children are not always referred to an emergency room if injured.

What are the main reasons for injuries?
The main cause of identified injuries are products for toddlers and babies. Most injuries occur when children fall out or such products do not work properly, Mehan explains. The second most common reason for injuries is bedding. This could lead to injuries, for example, if children get involved. Another reason for injuries are mattresses. If mattresses are not the right size for cribs or cribs, the child can put his face between the mattress and the outside of the crib. Small children are not always able to raise their heads, says the doctor. The experts also recommend not putting cuddly toys or blankets in a crib while the baby is sleeping.

Use cribs with a date of manufacture after 2011
The scientists also recommend that parents should only use cribs that were made after 2011. From that point on, security standards have improved dramatically.

Always buckle up children in baby car seats
Make sure that your child is always strapped into baby seats. If you set the baby car seat or the carrier down, make sure to place such products as low as possible. So the bowl or basket cannot fall off the table or fall over, the experts explain.

Pay attention to recalls of purchased products
Another big problem is that news of product recalls often doesn't reach parents immediately, says Mehan. About 80 percent of the recalled products would not be returned because the affected parents did not hear about their recall.

Find out before you buy a product
There is an overwhelming number and type of products on the market. Before you buy a new product, tests by trustworthy organizations check which type of product is safe and recommended, Mehan explains. (as)

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