Nutritional question: Do not eat bananas in the morning on an empty stomach

Nutritional question: Do not eat bananas in the morning on an empty stomach

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Why bananas shouldn't be eaten on an empty stomach
Plant-based food is actually healthy. It contains numerous vitamins, phytochemicals and important minerals and fiber. It is usually advised to consume at least five servings of fruit and vegetables a day. However, some varieties should not be eaten on an empty stomach.

A healthy start to the day
Many people do not take enough time in the morning to have an extensive breakfast. Often, a small snack just before starting work has to be enough. Fruits are particularly popular here, because at least you are doing something good for your health. But it also depends on the type of fruit. Because, for example, you shouldn't eat bananas in the morning if you haven't eaten anything else before.

Easily digestible fruit
Bananas are among the most popular types of fruit in Germany. The tasty fruits are especially rich in potassium and magnesium as well as vitamin B6. It also contains other minerals, vitamins and trace elements.

Bananas are generally easy to digest, especially for ripe fruit. The fruit is therefore not only recommended as a baby food, but also for intestinal complaints.

Curiously, bananas are used both for diarrhea and as a home remedy for constipation. In the latter case, however, more ripe fruit must be used because unripe bananas contain a lot of starch that is difficult to digest.

Bananas with yogurt and nuts
However, the yellow fruits should not be eaten on an empty stomach. Because bananas contain a relatively high amount of sugar (around 25 percent) and this causes the blood sugar level to rise in a flash, but it also drops again just as quickly.

This quick boost of energy is ideal for athletes, but a banana is not suitable for keeping fit until lunch. Fatigue and cravings soon set in.

In addition, the yellow fruits cannot develop their full potential on an empty stomach. According to experts, the body can only absorb the healthy nutrients such as vitamin B6 or potassium together with other food.

However, that doesn't mean bananas are off limits in the morning. However, they should be consumed in combination with other foods. For example, together with muesli, yoghurt and nuts.

Do not eat lychees on an empty stomach
However, bananas are not the only fruits that you shouldn't eat on an empty stomach. This recommendation also applies to lychees - because these can be really dangerous for humans if you have not eaten anything before.

Scientists reported in the journal "The Lancet" that hundreds of children died in India after eating this fruit.

The experts had found that many of these children did not eat dinner and then consumed large amounts of lychees on an empty stomach. Their consumption then caused her blood sugar to drop rapidly. This caused a so-called toxic hypoglycemia in the children. (ad)

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