Health: What is healing for stuck eyes and itchy eyelid margins

Health: What is healing for stuck eyes and itchy eyelid margins

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Patient care: what really helps with irritated eyelid margins
If the eyes often stick together in the morning and the edges of the eyelids are permanently red and swollen, it is best to contact an ophthalmologist to clarify the exact causes. In many cases, simple home remedies for the symptoms can help.

Taped eyes and itchy eyelid rims
If the eyes are often glued in the morning and the edges of the eyelids are itchy and swollen, this indicates an inflammation of the eyelid edges (blepharitis). This often attacks the eyeball and leads to reddening of the conjunctiva with foreign body sensation in the eye and scratching. The professional association of ophthalmologists in Germany (BVA) explains what can help those affected.

Skin diseases as a trigger
In the case of long-lasting complaints, those affected should always consult an ophthalmologist, as various causes can be considered as triggers. The most common are skin diseases such as neurodermatitis or rosacea.

According to the experts, even mild skin diseases can cause severe eye problems. A disruption of the bacterial colonization of the eyelid margin can also lead to inflammation.

Depending on the underlying disease, the treatment often requires a lot of patience and care. The most important thing is the cleaning and care of the eyelid rims.

Simple remedies for the complaints
Warm pads, for example a clean, lukewarm washcloth, can help. Because at higher temperatures the fats in the sebaceous glands are liquefied and can flow out of them more easily.

According to the BVA, contact lens wearers should shorten the wearing time of the lenses. Two hours a day without contact lenses relieve the eye. It is also helpful if you do not use the lenses one day a week.

In addition, with irritated eyelids, it makes sense to do without cosmetics.

The experts also point out that those affected can clean their eyelid margins daily with special cloths. This avoids stubborn incrustations on the sebaceous glands.

In severe cases, ophthalmologists can also prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs. (ad)

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