According to the study, services can improve health

According to the study, services can improve health

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Believers die less early
Many people in the world belong to different spiritual communities. Certainly, religious belief in certain supernatural or supernatural powers and sacred objects helps to influence human behavior, thinking and feeling. Researchers have now found that belonging to a religious community also has a positive impact on our life expectancy. Believers have a reduced risk of dying early.

In their research, Vanderbilt University researchers found that belonging to a spiritual community and attending church services reduced the likelihood of premature death. The experts published the results of their study in the trade journal "PLOS one".

Attending services reduces mortality by 55 percent
Our religious belief, for example, promises us various positive expectations after death, which differ from religion to religion. Experts have now found that religiosity also leads to noticeable health benefits. When people attend services, their risk of premature mortality is reduced by 55 percent, especially between the ages of 40 and 65, explains Professor Marino Bruce from Vanderbilt University.

Experts create statistical models to predict the risk of mortality
During their study, the scientists collected data from more than 5,000 people. They particularly looked at their presence at church services together with such variables as socio-economic status and health insurance, the researchers explain. With this data, Professor Bruce and his team created a statistical model that can predict the risk of mortality.

What did the scientists find?
Now, of course, the question arises how the result of the investigation turned out. If people hadn't attended church services at all, they were twice as likely to die prematurely compared to people who attended church services last year, experts say.

Study is not tied to any particular form of belief
The author Professor Bruce is a Baptist himself, but the study he conducted is not tied to any particular belief. The positive effects could be found in every place, where groups gather for a kind of worship, explain the doctors. It makes no difference whether this place is a church, a mosque or any kind of temple. It is not about a particular belief, it is about belief in itself, the scientists explain further.

Attending services can reduce stress and prevent illness
In the interest of science, there has to be an explanation that can convince even unbelievers of the results, the researchers explain. The social support of the community, a feeling of compassion (empathy) and the holiness experienced during the service probably contribute to the fact that those affected can reduce stress, they suspect. Stress usually causes inflammation in the human body and increases the risk of various diseases, explains author Bruce. (as)

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