Health hazard: broken glass found during tests: Aldi supermarket calls sausages back

Health hazard: broken glass found during tests: Aldi supermarket calls sausages back

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Recall started: broken glass in Aldi sausages discovered
The discounter Aldi Süd and the food producer Böklunder have launched a recall campaign for cocktail sausages. There could be pieces of glass in the lake. The fragments could lead to dangerous injuries when consumed.

Recall for cocktail sausages
The discounter Aldi Süd has announced a recall for cocktail sausages. In a message from the company: “Dear customers, please bring the product Cocktail Sausages in Delicate Saitling, 540 g from Böklunder with the best-before date: 03/21/2019 and batch number BKL 011908051211 back to our stores. "

Broken glass in the lake
According to Aldi Süd, the Böklunder company has pointed out that it cannot be ruled out that there are isolated pieces of broken glass in the lake.

According to the information, the best before date and the batch number are printed on the edge of the lid. The purchase price will be refunded.

The affected product was sold in parts of the federal states of Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland.

Other products from the same manufacturer as well as other batch numbers or best-before dates of the above-mentioned product are not affected.

Splinters of glass can cause serious injuries
Food that could contain broken glass or broken glass should in principle no longer be consumed. Otherwise you could cause serious injuries in the mouth and throat or even internal injuries.

In food production, errors in the manufacturing processes can lead to contamination or foreign bodies such as glass, aluminum or plastic residues.

Only a few weeks ago, a recall campaign for Erasco sliced ​​pork was initiated after pieces of glass were found in the product. (ad)

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