For health: this should never be on your own grill!

For health: this should never be on your own grill!

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That doesn't belong on the grill! Cured and smoked are not suitable
Barbecue enthusiasts are familiar with this: The question regularly arises as to which meat is best suited for a charcoal or gas grill or which should not be used.

The answer is relatively simple: cured or smoked foods are not suitable for grilling. Salted products such as Kasseler, Wiener sausages, meat sausages or liver cheese contain nitrite curing salt, which contributes to the preservation of color and ensures aroma. At high temperatures, this salt can react with protein in the food to form nitrosamines. These substances are considered carcinogenic. Alternatively, you can put fried or grilled sausages on the wire rack. They are made without curing salt.

Smoked food is also not suitable for the grill grate. As a result of the smoking process, they usually already contain combustion pollutants from the smoke (e.g. organochlorine compounds such as PCB). Grilling would increase their salary even further.

Pieces of meat that are lightly choked with fat are generally suitable for grilling. These include e.g. Pork schnitzel or fillet, beef steaks from the hips, torso or loin as well as chicken legs or turkey breast. If you like lamb, you can also grill chop, leg and shoulder. Dr. Claudia Müller, pm

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